Wednesday, September 10, 2008

White Chocolate Popcorn

I know, it sounds like a strange combo right? Trust me it's so good!

AIR Pop 8-10 cups of Popcorn
Spread pop corn out on cookie sheets.
Melt one bag of Nestle's White Chocolate Chips in a double-boiler (make sure it's real chocolate, not that fake stuff)
Drizzle over popcorn and lightly toss till coated.

It looks just like regular popcorn, but YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW IT TASTES!!

Total time for making this was like 5 minutes. Super easy & yummy!

I made this for my YW tonight for and they ate it up!!


jaesi said...

THIS is one of my favorite treats ever!!!
I crave it allllll the time! thanks!

Crystal said...

YUM! I love this stuff. Lacey gave bags of it away at her wedding with crushed peppermints or something in it. Delish.

The Wilkes Week said...

I love white chocolate on anything, especially popcorn. At Halloween we love to throw some candy corn in with it. Makes a fun Halloween treat to give to friends. The strangest combination we have used is white chocolate and Fritos - it is delicious.
Leigh Anne @

j cubed said...

Awesome Blog!!! So glad I have found you. THANK YOU SO MUCH this is going to help my family so much! ~ Jen