Sunday, March 30, 2008

New York-Style Cheesecake

This is a Martha Stewart recipe. It is really rich and really good. We only make it at Easter, then take a few days to eat around half of it; then we freeze small portions in wax paper and aluminum foil. This way we get a little bit all year round. It's a little time consuming and mine has never ended up looking like Martha's, but that hasn't changed how good it is. The other thing is, we always seem to have filling left over, after we have filled the spring-form pan. We normally take the remaining filling and bake it in a graham cracker crust.

Unsalted butter, room temperature, for pans

1/2 recipe Chocolate Wafer Sandwich cookie dough (I make the whole thing, and freeze the other half; just because I am not sure how to half the recipe exactly)

3 1/2 pounds (seven 8-ounce packages) cream cheese, room temperature

2 1/4 cups sugar

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

1 cup sour cream, room temperature

1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

5 lrg eggs

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter the sides of a 10-inch springform pan. Press the dough into the bottom of the pan, patting it into an even layer. Wrap exterior of pan (including base) in a double layer of foil. Freeze the dough in the pan, about 15 minutes.

Place pan on a baking sheet. Bake until the crust is firm to the touch, 12 to 15 minutes. Transfer pan to a wire rack to cool completely.

In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the cream cheese on a medium speed until fluffy, about 3 minutes, scraping down sides as needed. In a large bowl, whisk together sugar and flour. With the mixer on low speed, gradually add sugar mixture to cream cheese; mix until smooth. Add sour cream and vanilla; mix until smooth. Add eggs, one at a time, beating until just combined; DO NOT OVERMIX.

Pour cream cheese filling into the prepared pan. Set pan inside a large, shallow roasting pan. Carefully ladle boiling water into the roasting pan to reach halfway up sides of springform pan. Bake 45 minutes; reduce oven temp to 325 degrees. Continue baking until cake is set but still slightly wobbly in the center, about 30 minutes more. Turn off oven; leave cake in oven with the door slightly ajar, 1 hour. Transfer pan to a wire rack; let cool completely. Refrigerate, uncovered, at least 6 hours or overnight. Before unmolding, fun knife around the edge of the cake.

Chocolate Wafer Sandwich Cookie

1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

1/4 cup plus 2 Tbl Dutch-process cocoa powder

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

1 stick unsalted butter, room temperature

2/3 cup packed light-brown sugar

1/3 cup granulated sugar

1 lrg egg

1 tsp vanilla extract

In large bowl, whisk together flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, and salt; set aside. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the butter and both sugars on medium speed until light and fluffy, 2 to 3 minutes. Add the egg and vanilla; beat to combine. With mixer on low speed, add flour mixture, and beat to combine, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed.

Turn out the dough onto a piece of plastic wrap (every time I have made it the dough as been pretty sticky) , and divide in half. With floured hands shape each piece into a flattened rectangle, wrap with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until firm, about 30 minutes.

Banana Split Brownie Pizza

This a Paula Deen recipe, and seriously one of the best desserts that I have ever had. I just had to share it.

1 (20-ounce) box brownie mix (recommended: Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix)
1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened
1 (8-ounce) can crushed pineapple, drained, juice reserved
2 Tbl sugar
2 bananas, sliced and tossed in lemon juice to prevent browning
1 cup fresh strawberries, sliced
1 cup chopped nuts
Chocolate ice cream topping or chocolate syrup, for drizzling
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Grease a 15-inch pizza pan (I actually used a 12-inch disposable pizza pan, and it worked great). Prepare the brownie mix according to box directions. Pour into the prepared pan. Bake for 20 minutes, or until done. Remove from oven and cool. Beat cream cheese, pineapple, and sugar together in a bowl. Use any reserved pineapple juice at this time, if needed, to soften the mixture to a good spreading consistency. Otherwise dispose or save juice for another time. Spread the mixture over the cooled brownie crust. Arrange the banana and strawberry sliced over the cream cheese mixture. Sprinkle with the chopped nuts and drizzle with the chocolate syrup. Refrigerate. To serve, slice as you would a pizza, and enjoy!

Cajun Chicken

My sister-in-law made this for us over the weekend and its really good! We half it for my family. And we use half and half instead of heavy cream. Enjoy!

1 lb. Linguini
4 Chicken breasts sliced
2T + 2 tsp. cajun seasoning
1/2 c. butter
2 green peppers finely sliced
1 red pepper finely sliced
4 green onions chopped
4 1/2 c. heavy cream
1 tsp. basil
1 tsp. lemon pepper
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. pepper
1 1/2 c. grated parmesean cheese

Slice up chicken and coat with the cajun seasoning. Saute chicken in butter and when almost done add peppers and onions. Cook until tender. Stir in cream. Add remaining ingredients. Toss with linguini. Enjoy!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Best Peanut Butter Cookies

These really are the best PB Cookies. They stay soft and chewy and aren't crumbly. YUM!

2 c oats
1 1/4 c flour
1 t baking soda
1 t salt
1 c butter
1 c peanut butter
1 c sugar
1 c brown sugar
2 eggs
1 t vanilla

Beat butter & peanut butter until smooth. Beat in sugars and eggs. Beat in vanilla. Add oats & dry ingredients. Drop by spoonfuls on ungreased cookie sheet. Do not flatten. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.

Basic Dinner Rolls

1 1/2 cups warm milk
1/4 cup of butter, melted
1 Tab yeast
1/4 cup sugar
2 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
4 cups flour

  1. In a large mixing bowl, dissolve yeast in warm milk and butter. Add sugar, eggs, salt, and flour. Mix in mixer until smooth and elastic, about 6-8 minutes (dough will be really sticky!)
  2. Place in a greased bowl, turning once to grease top. Cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled, about 1 hour.
  3. Turn out on a lightly floured surface. Shape until desired rolls or loaves. (they will still be very sticky but the stickier the dough, the lighter and fluffier the roll will turn out.) Place on greased baking sheets or in bread pans. Cover and let rise until nearly doubled, about 30 minutes.
  4. Bake at 350° for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Remove to wire racks.

If I can makes these sucessfully, anyone can!!

Friday, March 28, 2008


1 10 oz can refrigerated pizza dough
1 T. mustard
1/2 lb thinly sliced ham
1 package (3 1/2 oz) pepperoni
1 t. italian seasonings
8 oz. shredded mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 425 degrees, unroll pizza dough onto a greased jelly-roll pan, pat into 12-inch square.

Spread mustard over dough to within 1/2 inch of edges. layer ham down center of dough, leaving 3-inch border on sides. Top ham with pepperoni, sprinkle with seasoning and cheese.
Fold sides of dough over filling, pinching center seam, top and bottom to seal. Bake 15-20 minutes or until lightly browned.

We love this stuff! I like to dip it in warm marinara sauce, and I use canadian bacon for the ham. For variation, use marinara sauce instead of mustard, and/or dip in ranch. I prefer the mustard in my stromboli, and I'm not even a mustard fan.

Oyako Donburi

A family who was trudging through law school with us last semester, but moved to Japan to finish up the school year posted this on their blog. We tried it, loved it and decided to pass it on...

1 tablespoon vegetable oil
3/4 pound skinless, boneless chicken breasts - cut into strips or pieces
1/2 onion, thinly sliced
1 cup chicken broth
6 shiitake mushrooms (we just used a can of mushroom pieces)
1 carrot, julienned
3 tablespoons white sugar
6 tablespoons soy sauce
1/4 cup chopped green onions
5 eggs, beaten

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Saute chicken strips and onion until the chicken is cooked through, about 5 to 7 minutes. Drain off as much liquid as possible.Stir in the chicken broth, and simmer for 2 minutes. Add the mushrooms and carrot, and let simmer for a few minutes before stirring in the sugar, soy sauce and salt. Simmer for 3 more minutes. Sprinkle in half of the green onions, stirring gently. Pour beaten eggs over the chicken mixture, and simmer until the eggs are cooked through, about 5 minutes. Serve over Japanese rice. Sprinkle other half of green onions on each serving. So easy!

**Your house will smell like a Japanese Restaurant, but it will be worth it!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rathskeller Pork

I got this recipe from my mother.  She made it the other night and had Scott and I over for dinner and it was A-FREAKING-MAZING!  I'm not even joking.  It was so yummy.  I really loved cooked cabbage, so I personally will put like 1/2 to 3/4 of a cabbage head in when I make it.  I'm going to make it on Sunday and I'll add a picture.

4 to 5 pork steaks (3/4" thick)
1 tbs salad oil
1 can cream of asparagus soup
1/2 c. chopped green onions
1 1/2 tsp seasoned salt
1/2 tsp seasoned pepper
1/4 cup water
4 potatoes, sliced
1/2 bunch asparagus (optional)
2 cups shredded cabbage ( I personally like way more then this! )
1/2 cup whipping cream

In a large skillet, brown chops in oil on both sides. Drain off excess fat.  Combine undiluted soup with onions, seasoned salt, pepper, and water.  Arrange alternate layers of meat, potatoes, cabbage, and asparagus in slow cooker.  Pour soup mixture over.  Cover and cook on low 6-8 hours or on high for 3 - 3 1/2 hours.  Add whipping cream, cover and cook on high for another 20 minutes.  

Yummy!  Serve with rolls!

Note:  Costco sells really great pork steaks.  They come in packs of 9 pork chops for about $15.00.  They are awesome!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pink Salad

We have always called it Pink Salad, but it is basically a Strawberry or Strawberry Banana or whatever flavor you want it to be salad.  Nadine asked if I would post this!  Enjoy!

Large Cottage Cheese
1 small Jello (whatever flavor you want)
1/2 bag of Marshmallows
1 small Cool Whip

In a large mixing bowl combine the small Jello and cottage cheese and mix.  Then add the 1/2 bag of marshmallows a fresh fruit.  Mix.  Last add the cool whip.  I don't always use the whole small cool whip.  Just add until the right consistency.  

Note:  If I get a strawberry banana Jello mix then for the fruit I add strawberries and bananas.  If I use a strawberry Jello mix then I just add strawberries.  Get it?!?  

Super yummy and a classic at my moms Sunday dinners.  KIDS LOVE IT and it is super easy.  Enjoy!

Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting

Alright since I'm the new one on board I've decided to try and win you gals over by posting a dessert first (well the best part of dessert that is)! I found this on and we definitely gave it 5 stars!INGREDIENTS
1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese
1 cup white sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream

In a small bowl beat whipping cream until stiff peaks form; set aside.
In a large bowl combine cream cheese, sugar, salt and vanilla. Beat until smooth, then fold in whipped cream.

This makes a ton. We frosted 24 cupcakes with it and still had a lot leftover. One suggestion (that I saw on allrecipes) is to freeze the bowl and beaters that you whip the whipping cream in/with before hand. I don't know why...but I didn't have any problems and that is how I did it. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easy Tator Tot Casserole, or Shepherd's Pie. You choose.


1 lb. ground beef or ground turkey
1 package of onion soup mix
2 TBSP of flour
2 cups of water
1 can green beans
1 can

Tator Tots
Mashed Potatoes, whichever you are preferring.


Brown the meat in a large pan. Sprinkle flour over meat to coat. Add the 2 cups of water and onion soup mix. Bring to boil. Simmer until liquid is reduced. When the liquid is evaporated, remove from heat. Add green beans or corn, or both. Pour into a casserole dish and top with tator tots (for tator tot casserole) or mashed potatoes (for easy/simple shepherd's pie) Top with cheese and bake at 375 degrees until tator tots are crisp and cheese is bubbly.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pineapple Salsa

I got this recipe from my good friend Susan. It is so good and springy tasting...perfect for this time of year. It has been a huge hit at parties!!!

1 pineapple
2 red bell peppers
2 green bell peppers
2 jalapenos
1 bunch cilantro
1 red onion
2 T sugar
1 T red wine vinegar
1 lime (juice)
1 T coarse salt

Peel, core and small dice the pineapple and all the vegetables - place in a large bowl and mix with all remaining ingredients. Refrigerate, cover and cool salsa.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gorp aka Lake Powell food

Since I just had a babe and should be eating well, I am making this today :)
3 cubes butter
2 cups sugar
2 cups Karo syrup
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 large box Chex rice or corn
1 large box Golden Grahams
2 cups slivered almonds
2 cups shredded coconut

Mix cereals, almonds, and coconut in large bowl. In a big pan melt together sugar, butter, and Karo. Bring to boil and cook for 3 minutes. Add vanilla. Pour over cereal mixture and stir till all coated. Spread on cookie sheet covered with wax paper.
I like to add m&ms and cashews as well.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Crescent Chicken Roll-ups

I know most everyone probably has this recipe, but I thought I would post it just in case one of you was missing it! hehe :)  This is the easiest and greatest recipe.  I make it at least twice a month! 

6 oz softened cream cheese
1/4 c. melted butter
1/8 t pepper
2 cups cooked chicken (I also use the canned chicken from Costco when I am lazy)
1 - 4 oz can mushrooms (optional)
1/2 cup walnuts (optional, but a must for me)
1/2 cup chopped celery (optional)
2 cans crescent rolls
1 can cream of chicken soup
1/2 soup can of milk
Mix first 7 ingredients (up to celery).  Unroll crescent rolls (I just use my hand/fist to flatten out and make a little larger).  Drop a large blob (2 to 3 T) in the center of each roll and wrap the roll around the blob.  Place rolls in oven pan (9x13) and bake at 350 degrees until rolls start to turn golden brown on top.  About 15-20 minutes.  Mix cream of chicken and milk on stove.  Pour over rolls and serve.  
I generally serve with white steamed rice and a veggie!  Yummy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tator Tot Casserole #2

After seeing Pam's version of Tator Tot casserole, I thought I would post mine.  I grew up on this and now cook it at least monthly.  My kids love it, which is a bonus.  It's delic!

1 lb Ground Beef
1 Can Green Beans
1 Can Cream of Mushroom soup
Tator Tots
So you brown the ground beef with the onions.  In a 9x9 pan (maybe thats the size, its the square one), you layer first the ground beef and onions, next you put the green beans (I drain most of the liquid, leave a little bit to help steam the TTs), then you spread the Cream of Mushroom Soup over the beans, next you layer grated cheese, and lastly you add a single layer of Tator Tots.
Cook it on 350 for 30 minutes with foil covering it.  After 30 minutes I bump up the temp. to about 400 and take the foil off.  Then you just kinda watch it till the tator tots are cooked to your liking.  It really is so yummy and so easy!  

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Momma B's Chicken & Rice

Definatley a family favorite!

(9x13 pan)
3 cups rice w/ 6 cups water (minute rice not as good)
4 chicken breasts. Boil till done. Shred.
*spread shredded chicken over cooked rice.

In saucepan:
1 can cream of chicken
1 can cream of mushroom
1 cup of mayonaise
1 cup shredded cheese (mild or medium cheddar)
*stir till cheese melts
*take off burner till slightly cooled
after cooled
1 cup sour cream (stir till blended)
salt & pepper
1/2 tsp. - tsp. curry powder to taste
Pour sauce over chicken & rice in pan. Sprinkle w/paprika
Bake 350* 30-45 min. till slightly brown. Do not cover.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Crock Pot Blog Site

I was told about this crock pot blog site from a friend.  I guess the creator is using the crock pot EVERY DAY for the year 2008.  She blogs daily about what she makes and how it turned out.  I love using the crock pot and look forward to getting some awesome recipes off here.  Let us know if you try any of them and how they are.  I am planning on posting ones I like on this site.  

Pasta Factory's Alfredo Sauce

I also got this recipe from Nadine.  She said it is REALLY worth making this sauce instead of buying the bottled stuff.  

1 1/2 cubes butter
8 oz cream cheese
5 T flour
3/4 cup + 2 T heavy whipping cream
1 1/2 cups + 2 T whole milk
3/4 cup + 2 T whole milk (for another section of recipe)
6 T parmesan cheese

In a medium bowl combine 5 T flour, 3/4 cup + 2 T heavy whipping cream, and 1 1/2 cups + 2 T whole milk.  Stir until smooth and set aside.

Over medium heat combine 1 1/2 cubes butter and 8 oz cream cheese.  Heat and mix with a whisk until melted and blended.  Add previous mixture that is currently set aside.  Mix together.  Add 6 T parmesan cheese and 3/4 cup + 2 T whole milk and stir until mixture is the right consistency.  Serve over cooked noodles!  

Tater Tot Casserole

I got this recipe from Nadine last night.  She said it is super yummy and I am always excited to get new recipes to use ground beef in.  I'm going to try it this week. 

1 1/2 lbs ground beef
1/4 cup chopped onion (or onion powder)
1 pkg taco seasoning
2 cans of cream of chicken
1 can evaporated milk
1 bag frozen Oreida tater tots

Brown meat and add onion and taco seasoning.  Combine cream of chicken and evaporated milk and stir until smooth.  Layer tots in a 9 x 13 pan and pour sauce over tots.  Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  Remove and cover casserole with cheese and bake 15 more minutes.  Let cool and serve!