Sunday, October 26, 2008

sweet potato fries

I am not a big sweet potato or yam fan...i just really don't like it when veggies taste sweet; unfortunately they are ridiculously good for you! so i was searching for a good recipe i would like when i stumbled onto this one in running magazine. These "fries" were delicious, good for you, and very easy to prepare.

1-2 tbps veggie or canola oil (depending on how many potatoes you use)
1 large diced sweet potato (this was plenty for one person, the original recipe suggests four)
seasoning (i used garlic salt, rosemary, and can essentially use whatever you like, but the recipe called for rosemary and paprika)

heat oven to 375 F
coat diced potatoes in oil and seasoning
spread out on cooking sheet and cook for 20-30 minutes depending on size of fries

I flipped the fries periodically and they did stick to the pan a bit, so if you want to line the pan with foil, parchment paper or spray that would help.

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bballbuster said...

I am going to try this.